Trader Joe’s Nourish Spa Conditoner Review

…Whew that was a lot but after reading some many good reviews I had to try it out.

Whats In It:

Purified water, rosemary oil, valencia orange, mango, lemongrass, ginko giloba, echinacea, willow bark, sea kelp, chamomile flower, textured soy protein, lavender, grapefruit, tocopherol (Vitamin E), acetamide MEA, cetyl alcohol, citric acid, methylparaben, propylparaben, botanical fragrance (italics might be a prob for some)

What the Bottle Says:

When your hair is dry, it needs to be nourished. This balanced hair remoisturizer is ideal for replenishing dry, brittle hair. Perfect for daily use. It infuses moisture and esceptional shine, without weighing hair down. Enhanced with organic botanticals, it does not contain laurel/laureth sulfates.

Price: $2.99 for 16.9 oz.

Available: Trader Joe’s Stores

What I Think:

I used it as a co-wash today and immediately upon placing in my hair the slip was amazing. It was really moisturizing compared to my usual co-wash of Sauve or VO5. I was so moisturizing that my not sure of how cleansing it is but it did get all my gel out. It was super thick but not so thick you can’t get it out the bottle. You also only have to use a little so you don’t have to worry about going through the bottle quickly. Overall I think its a keeper … just wished it didn’t have the parbens.


  • 4.5 out 5 diamonds
  • smell, moisture, performance, and slip all rocked… the parbens kept this from getting 5 diamonds.

For More Info: www. has the best info and reviews


Kinky Curly Probs Solved

So I’m on one of my favorite sources to stalk curlies…. Youtube….and I come across a demo of home to apply Kinky Curly products by now other than the owner herself. She offered some great tips so I plan to use for myself. Check this out…

I also check out the website and she had a whole list of common questions. I copied and paste them just for you but still visit the site she has a few new products and tools… here goes

The amount of product used will vary from one customer to the next. The amount you need will depend on the final look you wish to achieve and the length and thickness of your hair. Thicker tighter curls need more product and loose wavy curls can get away with using much less. Use more product for very controlled curls and use less product if you want more fullness and body. Also the more product you apply the longer your style will last.

The product can dry with a firm hold if over applied. You can apply less product the next time or use the Gloss Pomade to un-scrunch the crunch.

Sounds like you did not apply the product evenly to each section. On thick tight curls you can never slap the Curling Custard on the top of your head and expect good results. It will not penetrate to the inner layers to define the curls. On your next try make sure you divide your hair into small sections and apply to each section starting at the root and smooth it all the way down the length of the hair to the ends.

Another product you are currently using or have used in the past is not mixing well with the Curling Custard. You must shampoo your hair to remove the buildup.

Come Clean shampoo will remove mild to moderate buildup. If you have used a heavy duty silicone product or a product with an ingredient like beeswax or lanolin we suggest you mix a pinch of baking soda with the Come Clean shampoo in the palm of your hand and use this to wash your hair. This will clean your hair without using a harsh clarifying shampoo.

Your hair was not wet enough to allow the product to be diluted and distributed evenly enough. Try again and make sure hair is completely wet when applying the Curling Custard.  Keep a spray bottle with water close by to re-wet sections if they start to dry.

You may have heat damage from  a flat iron or curling iron. Our products will not make your hair curl up if it has been damaged by heat. You can twist and twirl sections around your fingers to create a curl or you may cut off the damaged straight ends.

A conditioner wash when first using our products may not be enough to remove styling product buildup. We recommend the Come Clean Shampoo instead.

We recommend using COME CLEAN + KNOT TODAY + CURLING CUSTARD  since they are designed to work together as a system especially on your first use. An ingredient in your “tried and true” shampoo or “old faithful” conditioner may not mix well with the Curling Custard and it can cause you to get less than stellar results. We understand customers like to mix and match products from different brands but you should use Kinky-Curly products together in order to truly see the results of what our products can do on your hair.


Well I hope this helps because I know it helped me some. I think with me co-washing I don’t get consistent results as well as trying to find the perfect amount of product for my hair. I sometimes shy away from big hair with I might have to go that route because sometimes I get jherri curlish results when doing wash and go styles (which is not all that cute 🙂 )



Curly Nutrition Week

Since completing the master cleanse I have switched my whole lifestyle up in terms of how and what I eat. My pj has turned into a vitiamin and health food pj’ism.

I have decided to dedicate this week to Curly Nutrition. I think healthy hair really starts from the inside and having  a healthy lifestyle.

So topics and reviews will include:

  • probiotics
  • acai berry aka the beauty berry
  • Apple Cider Vinegar Cocktail
  • my vitiamin cocktail (multi, fish oil, potassium)
  • hair growth vitamins (biotin, msm, etc)
  • my current meal and workout plan

Well stay tuned….



PS. Sorry for the lack of pix my cam is broke but will be back next week.

HG or HMm???

Ok so my HG KCCC had been acting up lately and i don’t know why. Sometimes I feel Jerri curlish other days like a raman noodle head…..other days absolutely great.  I’m starting to think KCCC is a HM product hit or miss. I don’t want to give up but a little birdie mention the eco styler gel which is $2 and has the same effect and Uncle Funky’s Daughter Curly Magic which has the same ingredients just a bit cheaper since Kinky Curly up’ed the price to $30 (what the heck). Well today I ran out of the KCCC and had to make my 2nd day hair work.  I even got the Spiral Spritz which did help (I plan to see if it can stand alone one day this week)…

Well I went out tonight and curly fro-hawks remain my HG style and i was able to work it out with the spiral spritz and water (oh and clear gel one the edges). I have to work tomorrow morning so I will have to force 3rd day hair so keep your curls clumped (u know like fingers crossed…. I know I’m cheesy) that it works out.

In the mean time what’s your HM (hit or miss) product???

Nite Nite Curlies,


Chicago and Nashville Meetups

oh yea…I almost forget…in the next few weeks I would love to have a Chicago meet-up so we can suggest products and share our own journeys to falling in love with our curls. I’m currently in Chicago but its a possibilityI will be in Nashville in September for school. Let me know what you think….now its time for me to catch up on some reality tv and stalk curlies on the tube….looks like its going to be Tiny and Toya tonight ( I know guys…its my guilty pleasure)

Nite Nite,


Amla Adventures….

I can’t believe  I was able to have 5 day hair but my curls were in need to some overdue tlc. So today I had a some free time to deep condition my hair.

First, I co-washed with Suave Lavender Lilac followed by a ACV rinse. I detangled in the shower which was surprising like a breeze probably because I used the perfect amount of Kinky Curly products and they were still in my hair.

Now for the good stuff I applied my Amla mix, wrapped my hair in plastic wrap, and let it sit for about 1 to 2 hours. I usually leave it in longer but my head was steamy resulting in drippies.

Now I’m sitting here still steamy headed with my DC the GVP Reconstructing Conditioner for Sally’s. I’m not a fan of this condish because it has mineral oil but I do waste anything and besided that its actually a good condish. I plan to leave it in overnight and rock a Kinky Curly wash and go I hope holds up again until the weekend….

Now back to amla powder…..I know you didn’t think I would leave you hanging.  I used the Hesh brand a youtuber warned me the regular powder leaves grit and is better as a face scrub. According to the box amla promotes hair growth, controls hair fall, cures scalp infection, controls premature greying, and removes pimple and grime.  It also says the its a natural astringent and skin toner (so I also use a spoonful on my face as a mask). It promotes black and luxuriant hair as it controls hair loss, it stimulates hair roots and promotes growth. When used on skin is brightens complexion.

All this sounded amazing to me and I had to try it after hesitating with henna. Overall I love at and try to use it once a week. Its only $2 a box so I try to stock up because I have to travel pretty far to get it. Its available online and in your local Indian grocery stores.

It is ABSOLUTELY necessary to DC after because it can be drying. It has similar benefits like henna yet a lot easier and easy to clean up. It only requires water to mix it up. I do add a few drops of lavender becasue the smell is a bit earthy for me.  It doesn’t change hair color when used alone. If you mix it with henna it results in a more brown hue which if your hair is dark you will only see it in the sunlight. It reduces frizz and unlike henna does not affect your curl pattern. Some say it tighten curls but I have not experienced this and have been using it for months. It has condition benefits as well as a gentle cleanser if you are a no-poo curly like moi.

For more info check out the curly product section for my full review, and tutorial will be coming, and my recipe will be in the curly kitchen section soon as well. There are a few youtubers that use amla my favorite was Lo3esponge (which for some reason I cant find the link guess I have to do a vid). So check them out,  I never hold back on what I learn for others….



Curly Kitchen: Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse

After putting wayyyyyy to much product in my hair I decided I need to start fresh. After co-washing and detangling with my VO5 Tea Therapy in the shower I made two twists and poured my ACV rinse all over my head. I did one finally rinse then proceeded with styling  (my trusty Bantu knots)  because I might go out tonight.

To make your own ACV Rinse all you need is:

1-2 tbsp. of  ACV

16 oz. of warm water

Mix, pour and go!

The smell does not last long you really don’t need to rinse it out. Once your hair dries you are all good.

Since I am not using shampoo at the moment this does what shampoo does and more. It makes your hair shinier than usually as well as removing any build up from the scalp.

I have used baking soda rinses in the past but over time its extremely drying now I just use it to clean my combs, brushes, and hair accessories.

Anyways if you have any questions or comments do so below 🙂