Like It, Love It, or Leave It Alone: Shaved Looks

So just when you think Solange was bold and Amber Rose was a robo-alien these girls and baby took it too a whole ‘nother level. The one-side or back shaved, mohawks, baby hawks, razor designs with color have taken over Hollywood lately. I hate to admit it but I kind of like it. Now you won’t see me looking like this unless some one paid me. My friends and I always joke about doing something crazy but we don’t have the guts. Well hope you enjoy. Let me know if you like it, love it, or just rather leave it alone.

Cassie with a mega pomp-hawk….has a cute alienish feel…

Cassie with the razor deigns…

Peter Pan aka Rihanna copies the others

Who else would think to get a tat inside of your ear???

Teyana Taylor with the back shaved which is actually popular in my parts ( South Side Chi-Twizzie)…

hmmmmmmm….not so sure about the color or the new boo


I do like that you can cover is up….

It looks like Raven has a little razor action going on but i’m not 100% sure

La La surprised me with this one..

This is actually cute and has been copied by a lot of my classmates…minus the color

I would expect this from Kelis she always full of surprises….

Scary Spice and Eddie Murphy’s baby Angel….

She looks adorable in my opinion…plus she has a lot of time for it to grow back

And look the whole fam is curly minus pops…

Well thats the end of the Shaved Fest…and I think you get the point. Don’t be surprised if you see more celebs or even your friends following the trend.

Toodles Poddles,




Just as a finish up my blog surfing I come across this on Urban Curls…..


Yes that is Solange…I heard about the new new do on the radio but I didn’t pay it mind until I saw the pic. I love her style and I love when people do 360’s like that….I wonder if she plans to stay natural…..neways she will still be my curly obsession weave or not lol….What do you guys think about her new do???

Curly Obsessions

It all started with a picture I cut out from a Jet magazine of my favorite singer, Jill Scott while in high school. I kept the picture in my assignment book  as a reminder of how I want my hair upon entering college.


As years went on I finally had natural hair. Last October I set a goal to wear my hair in its natural state for as long as possible. This wasn’t the easiest thing since I would use my flat iron multiple times a day. Since then I have somewhat gotten obsessed with the curlies on TV, magazines, and even people on the street. I think its healthy to have hair idols. Personally I find it motivating yet secretly I plan to steal there styles because until recently I have been clueless in the hair styling department.

Each week I will try and post a “curly obession”. Whether I can snap a picture out on the street or from a celebrity I feel the need to give them a little praise and hopefully inspirie other naturals to embrace and love their hair.

My current curly obsession is obvisiously  Solange Knowles (that’s her in the header). Although I’m 99% sure its not all of her hair I still think its absolutely hot and want to achieve that thickness and length in the near future, hence this blog which I also intend to keep track of my hair’s growth.



I would love to know who your curly obsessions are so please share (lol that sounds kind of desperate). In the mean time I have a lot more to post so ttyl!