Step:1 Research, Research, Research!!!!

Someone once told me “without a plan there is no purpose”….with that having a regimen is the most important part to having healthy hair and being in love with your hair.

The Perfect Reggie: Step 1 Research, Research, Research


  • read books from hair professionals

The book that started it all for me was Curly Girl: The Handbook By: Lorraine Massey. This book explains the famous “cg method” aka the conditioner only method. I’m not a fan of books that come with a product line but this one was worth it.

I can’t say the same for Anthony Dickey’s book Hair Rules!: The Ultimate Hair-Care Guide for Women with Kinky, Curly, or Wavy Hair. I felt like I was obligated to buy his products. There was some good info for newbies but stay tuned for the full review.

Lisa Akbari, a natural hair care expert has several books that are packed with so much info especially when it comes to taking care of Black hair. I recommend everyone to read her book The Black Woman’s Guide to Beautiful Hair: Positive Approach to Managing Any Hair Type and Style. This book not only gives different techniques in care for hair but it starts with the mental before getting to the scalp.

Paula Begoun’s “Don’t Go Shopping for Hair Products Without Me” was also an interesting book. Although I didn’t agree with everything it was packed with reviews on almost all hair products. She breaks it all down by ingredients and even puts company’s on blast about ingredients that are so called “natural” but do more damage than good.

I’m currently reading Riquette Hofstein’s Grow Hair Fast: 7 Steps to a New Head of Hair in 90 Days. This book is packed with info and I’m taking my time with this one. From the importance of scalp massages to natural recipes to grow hair all organized step by step this is one of the best books out there on growing hair.

Beautiful Black Hair: Real Solutions to Real Problems By: Shamboosie is another good, easy read and covers relaxed hair, weaves, color, natural hair care, and children’s hair care.

I have learn so much from these books and plan to give a full reviews throughout the week. I also have others on hold at the library. I am not an advocate of buying books at first because saying money is more important and if its not worth buying I wont have to worry about having a book collecting dust on my shelf.


  • visit several hair websites

The number one site in my book is…. its jammed packed with articles, product reviews, and a forum that’s like no other. Most of the information I got from lurking around the site then officially joining in on discussions on the forum. What I got from the forums I back up with the books I read and my next step (what other people were saying).

Motown Girl was another resource for me and I would visit it multiple times to make sure I didn’t mess up the recipe or style I was trying, she outlined on the site. Like she has product reviews and articles but she also has tons of recipes and hair styling suggestions and explanations.



The newest site I have stumbled across is Tightly Curly.Her hair is super long and absolutely gorgeous. Personally I’m more comfortable getting advice from someone that’s already achieved what I’m on the road too. She was great conditioner recommendations, an ingredient dictionary, and she breaks down her reggie which is similar to mine.



Overall I wish I would have done more research especially when I began the CG method. I treated silicones like the devil and after overlooking one in one of my conditioners I realized they aren’t all bad. I was also able to put together a basic reggie with this step alone but trust me there needs to be more  if you want absolutely fabulous hair. None of this happens over night its indeed a journey… but a fun one.

Thanks for tuning in to another edition of Diamonds and Curls University…..and look out for the full book reviews on these and others….





D&C Univ: Step 1 of Creating The Perfect Reggie

Hey curlies,

For this weeks edition of Diamonds and Curls University….I’m dedicating the majority of this week to Step 1: Research, Research, Research on how to create the perfect regimen.From the books I currently have to some of the hot curly website I want you to have it all and not make the same mistakes I did.

Leave me any feedback if there’s something you want me to review this week..