HG or HMm???

Ok so my HG KCCC had been acting up lately and i don’t know why. Sometimes I feel Jerri curlish other days like a raman noodle head…..other days absolutely great.  I’m starting to think KCCC is a HM product hit or miss. I don’t want to give up but a little birdie mention the eco styler gel which is $2 and has the same effect and Uncle Funky’s Daughter Curly Magic which has the same ingredients just a bit cheaper since Kinky Curly up’ed the price to $30 (what the heck). Well today I ran out of the KCCC and had to make my 2nd day hair work.  I even got the Spiral Spritz which did help (I plan to see if it can stand alone one day this week)…

Well I went out tonight and curly fro-hawks remain my HG style and i was able to work it out with the spiral spritz and water (oh and clear gel one the edges). I have to work tomorrow morning so I will have to force 3rd day hair so keep your curls clumped (u know like fingers crossed…. I know I’m cheesy) that it works out.

In the mean time what’s your HM (hit or miss) product???

Nite Nite Curlies,


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