Eco Styling Success

So it official… I lovvvvvvvvvvvvve Eco Styler gels. I used the clear one all weekend. Even used it on hair I had plopped dry and my curls were still popping. I even found a few new styles I have to share with you guys this week. I think its finally time to do some vids and tuts.

BTW the Krystal Eco Styler gets 4.5 out of 5 diamonds. It smells a lot better than  the Olive Oil one and its clear so it doesn’t have blue #40 and what not.

I even made my first official pineapple and that made for 3rd day hair. I will also share a tut on that this week for all hair lengths.

This week should be fun guys I will be purchasing so trader Joe’s and Oyin products maybe some Qhemet too. So stay tuned I plan to do some vids or pictorials on how to sleep with KCCC or curls period, my bantu knot outs, flat twists, and some wash and go styles. I might do an amla vid too depending on how everything goes.




Eco Styler Sidebar

I’m reallllly loving this stuff. My hair has looked so fab for it to be 2nd day hair. The curl definition is amazing and my hair isn’t crunchy (thanks to some coconut oil). I can’t wait to use this again but I have some more experimenting to do as well as more product reviews.

Stay tuned….I’m doing a flat twist out with the GVP Conditioning Balm (Matrix Biolage generic) and Herbal Essence’s Totally Twisted Gel.



3rd Day Hair OMG!

So I was a bit worried but my KCCC’d hair help up. Now last week I was in love with KCCC after I was able to keep up 5 day hair. Earlier  this week I wasn’t too happy because after KCCC’ing my hair looked a complete fool by day one. Well I wasn’t that bad it was partially my fault.

I think the key to getting a KCCC style down is a bonnet over night. Also using the prefect amount of product and not over manipulating it. I had the best results with using my deman d3 to smooth the Knot Today to my sectioned hair the finger styling with the KCCC then using the denman on my less curly spots for extra definition.

Now I ran out of the KCCC so I didn’t have a choice this morning I just took my bonnet off, misted my hair with distilled water and pulled, fluffed, and scruched my curls with the Spiral Spritz and surprisingly it worked out.  I was off to work with extra time on my hands. What a great start to my day.

Well I still haven’t hit up the worlds largest Kinky Curly display at my local Whole Food so I have to try and make it to day 4.

One thing about natural hair is not knowing what to expect  but that’s always more fun than being a chameleon…..