Hi World!!!

Its official, the blog is finally up and looking semi decent. My name is Angelique and I want to share my hair experiences with you.

The goal of this blog will be to provide:

  • curly product reviews
  • tips to grow long healthy hair
  • curly book reviews
  • videos and tutorials
  • my curly kitchen (recipes)
  • curly obessions (hair idols)

I want to give shoutouts to the hottest curly blogs out there that I follow on the regular and that made me want to share my experiences. I recommend these sites to everyone and  they include:

  • Mane and Chic
  • Curly Nikki 
  • Honey Brown Sugar
  • Afro Bella
  • Urban Curls

I also want to give shoutouts to everyone over at NaturallyCurly.com. I learned most from stalking their forums multiple times a day…..

….and I almost forgot all the lovely ladies over in YouTube land

  • lia81
  • lov3sponge
  • EmpressRi

I know I’m forgetting a few people, websites, bloggers, and vloggers but I’m so excited to finally get this thing up and running. Well I hope you enjoy the ride and feel free to contact me anytime. TTFN I will be back with tons of stuff tomorrow I just promised myself to get this thing working by the first….



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