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Where shall I begin? How about the obvious? Well let’s see….My name is Angelique and I am a media communications/journalism student currently in Chicago. I created this blog after finally falling in love with my hair in its natural state. Although its not always easy to manage I love standing out in the world. It almost like having natural red hair, its not for everyone.

Well my hair story in my opinion is not all the exciting. I always had a nice grade and length of hair.

 thats me in the front….

Like most little black girls my hair was relaxed at 4 or 5 years old and I remember it clearly because it was for my kindergarten tea party and I moved when I was getting it curled and had a huge burn mark on my forehead (that should have been the first sign to not mess with what God intended lol).

In high school  I was on the swim team and had to wash my  hair on the regular I wore lots of wash and go’s and braid styles. Although my hair was still relaxed I noticed my hair would curl. I only got it relaxed 2 or 3 times a year. I promised myself I would go natural when I went away to college with hopes of having a big afro like my favorite singer, Jill Scott.

Well August 2004 I was officially college bound. My family and I made our way to Nashville, TN to Fisk University. I was so excited and relaxed my hair a few weeks before even though it was 80 degrees and super humid. Unfortunately during my first week I found myself in a hospital before class even got started.

I was diagnosed with leukemia and the last thing on my mind was my hair…. October I was back home and healthy 🙂 I went into remission that December. I didn’t lose my hair immediately but eventually I cut off my hair one day bored sitting around my house. I didn’t really consider it a BC (big chop)  but soon I would have the hair I always wanted.

January I was back at school. Rocking a headwrap because I wasn’t really feeling my new hair even though it was growing in so beautiful. I even got micro braids which was hilarious because my hair was really fine and silky. Braids would slide out if you looked at them the wrong way.


I wasn’t until the next semester I wore my hair out. It felt good to let me hair get some air and sunlight. Soon after my hair was back to its original length.


Well its now 4 years later and last October I noticed my hair was at a stand still so I decided to go back to what I was doing before which was leaving my hair alone. I put my flat iron to rest (RIP Andis) and I still have not straightened it.

January of this year (2009) I was introduced to the CG Method on Naturally Curly.com. I went over two months doing the conditioner only method and using no silicones in my hair products. I also started taking vitamins and only wearing protective styles.

Up until I few weeks ago I decided to follow a modified version of the CG thing because this new conditioner I had had a silicone I over looked but it worked so well. I then realized silicones are not a curse. I also started using Indian herbs like Amla Powder and introduced henna to my hair for extra conditioning.


Overall I have finally fallen in love with my natural hair. From the outside looking in I might have gotten I little obsessive but who cares its my hair!!!!

Well feel free to ask me any questions….




5 thoughts on “About Me

    • Thanks so much! I have been off the cleanse for a few weeks now and I decided to follow a vegan diet at the moment. Overall I lost 11.4 lbs on the cleanse and 5.4 lbs since I have stopped. I feel really good. The whole thing was in experience to say the least some days were better than others but surprisingly I wasn’t hungry. Feel free to email me with any questions.

  1. Hi angelique glad to see that all is well with you with your remission. I have been looking for someone to go to where i can grow my hair out long and healthy but i cant seem to find anyone who can do my hair the way that i like. I saw your pics on myspace and facebook and i love your styles. I do not have a perm in my head currently and i have been trying to grow it out in the past year or two but i dont beleive that its working. I have two questions. Where are you currently located? i hope chicago because thats where i live currently. Iwould love to speak to you about getting my hair back on track.

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