Day 4 Off Lemonade Diet

I had my first real meals today. The weight has not returned and I’m plan to stay away from meat and diary for another ten days. My meal plan this week is pretty simple and even available when I’m in a rush and out running when I don’t have time to make my meals.

  • Breakfast: Quakers Weight Control Oatmeal (Maple Brown Sugar) or a Protein Shake
  • AM Snack: An apple
  • Lunch: A Veggie Packed Salad (today I added corn, black beans, red peppers, onions, and Craisins for my sweet tooth)
  • PM Snack: Carrots and hummus or Almonds
  • Dinner: Another colorful salad, a few steamed seasoned veggies, and brown rice
  • I drink 20 oz of water with each meal
  • A Vitamin cocktail in the morning (muli-v, probiotics, potassium, biotin, and fish oil)

One thing about coming off the diet is not falling back into the same habits. I also plan to do some cardio every other day like jumping rope and jogging. If I find myself need something sweet I grab some OJ (which is even too sweet sometimes). Since I completed the cleanse crazy sweet tooth has been tamed. If I don’t feel satisfied with my meal I add a vegetable based soup. One thing that is import is not overeating and not starving yourself.  Its best to take it one day at a time until you can read your body. Well the updates on my success will continue. Don’t fret curlies this is still a hair blog but good health from the inside out does wonder for your hair and hair growth.




Day 10 of The Master Cleanse

So its 7:30 and I have at be at work at 10. This the my last day of the master cleanse and my last day of dealing with the grossest thing in the world the salt water flush. I’m sitting here now trying to drink all 32 ounces of this salty crap as fast as I can.

Salt salt water flush is like an internal bath for your colon and organs. It does result in the immediate need to make several eliminations in about 1-2 hours. So that’s why I’m rushing because I don’t want any problems going to work.

Overall this is the worst part of the cleanse in my opionion but wash everything clears out and the pounds fall off its worth the funny faces and horrid taste.

The mix consist of 2 tsp. of sea salt (non-iodized) and 32. 0z of distilled water (spring is fine too). Its best to drink it warm some add lemon juice to help with the taste but in my opinion that made it worse…….holding on a sec time for me to get this down before I get carried away….

…ok maybe not its too hot…and nothing is worst than throwing up salt water. Its best to drink it warm not hot. I try to pretend its a salty soup or something and just gulp, gulp. gulp without thing about it.

The night before I drink a herbal laxative tea. I have tried the chocolate and regular. Its actually aren’t as bad as I expected since I love to load honey in my teas….but don’t do this just drink it down the night before or mores you can’t do the SWF.

I have found that the regular tea is a bit better maybe becasue I love chocolate and the tease is not right.

Well hopefully my SWF has cooled down because I am cutting it close but I will be back later to review this whole experience  and share my recipe as well.