Curl of the Day: Kelis and Her Big Chop


Since starting her career singer, Kelis has been known for her big hair. A few years ago she chopped it all off and has been rocking it like this ever since. Her sides were originally shaved so thats why it has this tapered shape.  This is how my hair looked after my BC (well chemo chop), too bad I only wore it out once. This style is so easy to achieve. I would shampoo (before I knew about co-washing), condition, and leave in a conditioner or curl cream. This look is beautiful and I would like to encourage all my lovely BC curls to rock their hair don’t cover it up, if I could do it all again I definitely would!


Curl of the Day: Raven’s TWA

Today’s curl is Raven-Symone. She did a big chop some months ago and her hair is progressing beautifully. Some entertainment blogs may opposed so we often she her wigging it out. Either way I love this girl. She also lost weight and looking so healthy and happy. She is such a great role model, not just to young girls but naturals too! Society should love our curls as much as we do but until then who cares what they say, love you!

Curly Obsessions: Solange’s TWA


Okay so I posted a pic of Solange’s new haircut but I have been seeing some many bad reviews.  Personally I love her new look. Rocking a twa is not easy. I wonder if she will stay natural because you can already see the curls coming in. Ladies with twa’s know once you cut it off it starts to grow like crazy. If you just BC’d or are rocking a twa rock it like you mean it. Simplicity has its beauty but just keep in mind less is more. Solange kept it simple with the classic makeup and subtle details like the lash extensions and side part.

Feel free to share your twa experiences.  I would love to hear your story or fotki/flickr….