Amazing Twist Out + No Gel = Pure Shock!

Amazing Twist Out + No Gel = Pure Shock!

Hey Curls!

I recently purchased  Qhemet Biologics Aethiopika Hydrate & Twist Butter. I was hesitant to use it because I didn’t think it would provide any sort of hold. All of my successful twistouts in the past have been with various gels. I’m  holding out on a full review of the Qhemet products until I try the butter a few more times and I try their conditioner and oil serum. They have a sale coming up soon so I plan to splurge. I already love love love the Amla and Olive Heavy Cream and the Burdock Root Butter Cream. This line smells so  yummy butnot overpowering.

But back to this twistout… It’s super soft and shiny. My hair is definitely moisturized.  I washed with Jane Carter’s Moisture Nourishing Shampoo, deep conditioned with Jane Carter’s Nutrient Replenishing Conditioner with my heat cap, applied Kimmytube’s leave in recipe (a mix of Kinky Curly Knot Today, aloe vera juice, coconut oil, and castor oil) and a Roux Fermodyl 619 Leave-in treatment, I then dug out a dime sized amount of the butter rubbed it together with wet hands and hair and applied to 8 flat twists. I sealed the ends with castor oil and rolled with satin rollers. I wore the twists under my favorite purple hat yesterday and took them down just now with my oil mix (olive, coconut, avocado, jojoba oil) on my hands and viola…a million steps later and some minor fluffing I have this beautiful flat twistout. No frizz & defined curls (even in back)!

I plan to try this again to make sure it’s not some freak case. I will co-wash and use Kinky Curly Knot Today as my leave in, twist with the butter, and seal my ends with castor oil. I also want to try it with bantu knots my favorite for twist outs. The for final confirmation I will do a 2 strand bantu twist out. I really want to try it with Qhemet’s Amla and Olive Heavy Cream or the Moringa Tree Conditioning Ghee but I am trying to control my product junkie habits until this sale.

Overall I am impressed and think I have found a winter staple and styler. Now I have to keep my fingers crossed that it will hold  up over night since it is a soft hold.  I will keep you all posted…until then… stay tuned and stay curly!