Curly Terms

I will try to limit the abbreviations but I can’t promise it. I will post the ones I use the most and you will also see on curly forums and boards….

  • 2a-c, 3a-c, 4a-c – this are the various hair types I fall in the 3b/c range
  • acv – apple cider vinegar
  • aohr – aubrey organics honeysuckle rose
  • apl – armpit length hair
  • avg- aloe vera gel
  • bsl- bra strap length
  • bss- beauty supply store
  • cg – “Curly Girl” a method design by Lorraine Massey
  • co-wash- conditioner wash
  • condish-conditioner
  • dt/dc -deep treatment/condition
  • evoo- extra virgin olive oil
  • gvp- generic value product (sally’s brand)
  • hg- “holy grail”
  • kccc- kinky curly curling custard
  • lol- laugh out loud
  • ors- organic root simulator
  • pj- product junkie
  • poo- shampoo
  • reggie- regimen
  • sls- sodium lauryl sulfate
  • tuts- tutorial
  • twa- teeny weeny afro

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