My Regimen

I constantly make change but as of today July 28, 2009 my reggie is as follows:

  • co-wash:  every 3-5 days with Suave or VO5…(currently looking for something else. Suave tests on animals and VO5 is ok just I just want to be able to pronounce whats in it)


  • style: with Kinky Curly Knot Today, KCCC, and Spiral Spritz….wash and go first few days then flat twist n curl on dry hair with the Spritz….the front of my hair tends to loosen up and look more wavy compared to the back of my hair so by day 3 I have to twist it and flat twist have been working even better the the TnC for me…for the weekends or special occasions I do a bantu knot out and rock and curly fro-hawk

  • seal daily with coconut oil or shea butter

  • oil scalp or pre-poo with coconut oil or evoo mixed with lavender oil
  • dt weekly with amla weekly and henna bi-monthly

  •  dc weekly with ao gbp rosemary and mint (my pj’ism wants something new dc’s are like dessert for my hair) i either do it with a bonnet dryer for 45 mins or leave in overnight

I am in Chicago and its surprisingly not really humid this summer but I’m not complaining a bit. I got my ends cut in the beginning of May and so happy I let a professional do it this time because I love my hair even more. I have minimal frizz and my ends are in great shape I won’t need one for a while thanks to sealing my ends and sleeping in a satin bonnet or on a satin pillow case at all times.

I do make changes frequeting becasue I am still prefecting my reggie but what I have learned is keeping it simple is best as well as having fun!


One thought on “My Regimen

  1. I spoke to soon its been in the 90s all weekend. Also I’m still looking for a better co-wash, a new dc, and would love to try so more styling products, KCCC is burning a hole in my pockets and I am a college student (hence no money).

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