Organizing the Blog

Hey curls,

You may notice that things are movings around. I am organizing the blog before I change and update the design. I would love your input of what you like and don’t like and also what you would like to see, mostly in terms of design but also content. I want to clean things up and make navigation as simple as possible. There is nothing worse than a cluttered website but I still want some spice so I won’t go to minimal. Thanks for all the love especially those that have subscribed either email, facebook, or twitter! Continue to stay tuned and thanks for being patient on this journey. I’ve been learning as I go but this year I want take things to the next level. I have lots of goals for this blog the biggest is posting on the regular. I can’t believe I only posted 3 times last year. My goal for this year is to post 300 or more times. One thing I don’t want to stop is posting while I get things in order. Sometimes I get caught up with the appearance and neglect posting but I am working on both. The mission of this blog is to promote self-love. It started with my personal journey to loving my hair but it has turned to me finding joy and passion in several areas of my life and I plan to share that with you all. Enjoy your weekend!



@SuiteAngelique @DiamondsCurls


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