Curl of the Day: Raven’s TWA

Today’s curl is Raven-Symone. She did a big chop some months ago and her hair is progressing beautifully. Some entertainment blogs may opposed so we often she her wigging it out. Either way I love this girl. She also lost weight and looking so healthy and happy. She is such a great role model, not just to young girls but naturals too! Society should love our curls as much as we do but until then who cares what they say, love you!


4 thoughts on “Curl of the Day: Raven’s TWA

  1. She looks great. I remember seeing her on that Good Hair film. She seemed to be very reliant on weaves and lace-front. It’s good to see that she is not afraid to show her natural hair now especially considering the pressures of the industry she is in. Wigs are good for transitioning and they don’t put pressure on your real hair like weaves do. So maybe thats the reason she wears them. Her short style really draws attention to her face as well. Very cute.

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