Book of the Week: Having What Matters

One of my new years goals is to read 2 or more books a month. Right now I am currently finishing up “Having What Matters: The Black Woman’s Guide to Creating the Life You Really Want” by Monique Greenwood. So far I am really enjoying this book and I am not alone it has 4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon. Here’s the full description:

She who has the most joy wins!

Accomplished author, entrepreneur, and former Essence editor in chief Monique Greenwood offers a refreshing prescription for personal and professional success, showing any woman how to have financial freedom, fulfilling work, loving relationships, great style, a sense of purpose, and a balanced and joyful life.

As Greenwood convincingly argues in her provocative new book, success is highly subjective — or at least it should be. “What rocks my world may feel like a rock in your shoe,” she advises. Having What Matters gives African-American women the confidence to define success for themselves and the techniques to turn their dreams into reality.

Greenwood shows you:

  • How to identify the illusions that hold you back
  • How to track your dreams and create “the plan”
  • Why no dream is impossible

Her very own life-from anonymity to the top of the Essence masthead, from an unfit size eighteen body to a shapely size twelve, from a cramped rental apartment to a mansion of her own, from countless bad relationships to a sweet union — is evidence that her “bootstrapping” strategies work.

Funny, down-to-earth, and motivational, Greenwood asserts that to achieve true personal satisfaction, a woman doesn’t have to work harder, but she must manage her life smarter. It was while writing this book that Greenwood really reflected on these lessons and decided to leave her esteemed position as editor in chief of Essence to devote more time to self, family, and the development of her own businesses. Reading Having Mat Matters will change your life, too.

There are so many inspirational quotes in this book…

  • “She who has the most joy wins!”
  • “…I am not a victim but a person with the power to ride out and rise above the pain and difficulty of the moment, knowing without a doubt joy ans peace would be mine.”
  • “If opportunities don’t present themselves, I create them.”
  • “…a   simple makes things happen. She finds a way when there appears to be no way. Give a bootstrapper lemons and she will not stop at making lemonade. She will dream of becoming the Starbucks of lemonade and eventually turn her citrus concoction into a thriving retail chain, e-commerce site, wholesale and import/export empire.”
  • “Persistence is the one element that quickly separates the doers from the dreamers.”
  • “An opportunity that knocks on the door is useless unless a person who has planned, prepared, persisted, and waited patiently for that occasion is standing on the other side to answer the call.”
  • “I refuse to be limited by other people’s limited imaginations or expectations.”
  • “Visualize. Plan. Act. Practice.”
  • “Sometimes whats good for you  is also good to you.”
  • “Waiting for the perfect job is like waiting for the perfect life; there is no such thing.”

This book has been on my bookshelf for years. I don’t know why I am just picking it up but then again my father has been giving me self-help, motivational, success, business, personal growth, and African American women authors for most of my life. This book is even autographed with the sweetest message, “You have what it takes to soar– go ahead and fly” from Greenwood herself to my sister and me.  I recommend this book to all women but especially black women she is very honest and keeps thing real (for lack of better words). Her story and successes alone are an inspiration.  Once I finish I will do a full review so stay tuned….

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