November Length Check

November Length Check

So last month I got my hair straightened and ends trimmed (by a professional). Even though I couldn’t take pictures I start to make an official chart and a better method of measuring. Check out my current length….


My hair was wet and tip toeing on 4 in. My goal is shoulder length and full while curly.

lc close up

Stretched my hair is at the 6.5 in mark which was my goal for this month. Last month it was 6 in. straight. Hair grows approx.  5 inches a month. My goal is apl straight. (the 10.5 in. mark or pink line)

lc curly dry

This is my hair dry without any stylers. Shrinkage is no joke but there are a lot of ways to get around it but its best to just accept it. The front of my hair is a lot looser.

My goal of apl should be here in 5 months just in time for my birthday in April!


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