Big Hair Don’t Care…Ego Edition

I know you guys have seen the video for Ego by Beyonce……welllll…. I’m thinking of doing a sew-in weave similar to this as a protective style for the rest of the month. I have never had a sew-in with curly hair. I’m a bit nervous that it will be too diva but my new slogan has been “big hair don’t care” the past week.

Well please weigh in guys. Do you think this style is too over the top…distracting….wig looking  or do you think its hot???…Just let me know something guys I don’t want to look Halloweenish before it gets here.



P.S.  I had to put the remix up…I only like Kanye because he’s from Chicago and his verse is funny.

2 thoughts on “Big Hair Don’t Care…Ego Edition

  1. I say go for it! ive always been hesitant about getting curly weave b/c of having to maintain it seems a lot. But try it! Im going to for the winter

  2. I think big hair is great as long as you have a big personality to match. I had a curly weave before, and the darn thing was the devil to keep from getting tangled. It wasn’t super big like Beyone’s, but it was a good time nevertheless. You kinda can’t help feeling like a diva with hair that big!

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