Tyra Banks Not So Exciting Real Hair

Tyra Banks Not So Exciting Real Hair

I was just reading one of my fav curly blogs Afrobella (check her out) and I was reminded about Tyra’s big reveal.  I’m glad I’m not the only one disapointed. There were so many rumors that she was transitioning but clearly that was not the case.  Well anyways I’m glad I waited until the show aired to decide if I would post anything because my feelings would have been hurt wanting her to reveal a head of natural hair.

Although she is no where near curly her hair still was nice. I’m not a fan of her scissor happy stylist who cut 3 inches of “spit ends” but I will save that for another day (I’m getting a trim sometime next week by the way). Her hair was a lot longer than I epxected but those wigs and weaves have taken a toll on her edges and the thickness of her hair. So be careful curlies if you do wear wigs or weaves really as  winter approaches and protective styling gets in full swing.

Well let me know how you feel about Tyra’s not so big reveal…


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