More Eco Styling

Hi there curlies,

Today I co-washed for the last time with my GVP Tea Tree Oil Condish (something just isn’t right about this stuff). Then I did my version of a plop to dry my hair some with hopes of bigger hair (my wash and go’s tend to have less volume).  Instead on a leave in a used Hollywood Beauty Olive Creme just to see if there was any difference. I applied the Eco Styler Olive Oil Gel (which I can’t stand the smell). I used a shingling method on medium sized sections then proceeded with a banana clip style that I have rocked almost all weekend.  I’m really loving this clip works great for work or partying and doesn’t take long to do.

Well here go the results and please ignore my cheap foundation:

Banana Clip Do 1

Banana Clip Do 3

Banana Clip Do 4

This gel is definately a keeper almost a HG. I just can’t let go of my KCCC. Eco Styler is consistant and doesn’t flake or leave build up. My hair is also moisturized and soft when it gets old and after rinsing it out. Feel free to share your eco styling stories and cocktails.




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