Eco Styling Success

So it official… I lovvvvvvvvvvvvve Eco Styler gels. I used the clear one all weekend. Even used it on hair I had plopped dry and my curls were still popping. I even found a few new styles I have to share with you guys this week. I think its finally time to do some vids and tuts.

BTW the Krystal Eco Styler gets 4.5 out of 5 diamonds. It smells a lot better than  the Olive Oil one and its clear so it doesn’t have blue #40 and what not.

I even made my first official pineapple and that made for 3rd day hair. I will also share a tut on that this week for all hair lengths.

This week should be fun guys I will be purchasing so trader Joe’s and Oyin products maybe some Qhemet too. So stay tuned I plan to do some vids or pictorials on how to sleep with KCCC or curls period, my bantu knot outs, flat twists, and some wash and go styles. I might do an amla vid too depending on how everything goes.




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