Almond Breeze Rando

Almond Breeze Rando

Good morning curlies,

This has nothing to do with hair but today I tired Almond Breeze Vanilla Milk instead of soy milk. All I can say is I think I have found the holy grail of milk substitutes. There was no after taste or chalkiness. I actually drink the rest of the milk in the bowl which I would never do with soy milk. I’m so excited I plan to try the chocolate one next. I love chocolate milk but since completing the master cleanse I have not messed with dairy products.

I know that was really random but I am a pretty random person sometimes. I really recommend this to people that don’t care for soy milk or just want a milk alternative. Its also on sale at Whole Foods.

Well btyl (blog to ya later…yes I did just make that up).  Stay tuned I plan to try the Krystal Eco Styler today with my GVP Conditioning Balm in hopes of achieving a cute club style. I don’t have time to let my regular party style of a bantu knot out to dry allllll day.




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