The Results are In…

So last night I flat twisted my hair with GVP Conditioning Balm (watered down and added coconut oil) as my leave-in and Herbal Essence Totally Twisted for some extra hold. I sealed my ends with my whipped shea butter and rolled them.

I’m not too happy with the results. My hair isn’t defined the way I like and there is a ton of frizz and puffiness. Some areas are better than others but I think the gel didn’t have enough hold for me. HE Set Me Up has  a stronger hold but I might try this gel again as a wash and go just to use it up. Its only 6 oz and I got 32oz of the Eco Styler for the same price.

I like the condish it’s very moisturizing but I plan to just use it as a deep conditioner because there isn’t much slip or hold. As for my watered down mix I will try it one more time with another gel. Well here go the pix…


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