Curly Obsessions: Solange’s TWA


Okay so I posted a pic of Solange’s new haircut but I have been seeing some many bad reviews.  Personally I love her new look. Rocking a twa is not easy. I wonder if she will stay natural because you can already see the curls coming in. Ladies with twa’s know once you cut it off it starts to grow like crazy. If you just BC’d or are rocking a twa rock it like you mean it. Simplicity has its beauty but just keep in mind less is more. Solange kept it simple with the classic makeup and subtle details like the lash extensions and side part.

Feel free to share your twa experiences.  I would love to hear your story or fotki/flickr….


9 thoughts on “Curly Obsessions: Solange’s TWA

  1. She’s a really pretty girl so she can pretty much do anything the natural look is in and every one can not rock it she looks good

  2. MUCH better. She still looks like Orlando Jones, but she looks so pretty with short hair. You can actually appreciate her features without all that fake hair. Oh man, weaves are just evil.

    • lol Orlando Jones… oh wow!!!! I do hair so I don’t agree that weaves are all the way evil, but they do have their days especially in Hollywood.

    • I was the same way. I wore head wraps for a whole year. Looking back idk why because it was hot just didn’t know how to work it. If I had all the info, blogs, vlogs, and websites out now I would cut my hair off and do it again. Hang in there girl before you know it your hair will be growing super fast. Just let it do it’s thing now. Patience is necessary but not easy at all. Keep me updated!

  3. I just did the BC on Oct. 18, 2009 and now rocking a TWA but I’m still learning 😦 not sure if I’m supposed to wrap it at night or not. When I wrap it …it becomes wavy and flat. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


    • Congrats…hang in there. I never figured out how to rock my twa but there are so many resources and good products now. If anything have fun with it and spice it up with hot accessories. I have always been a fan of big earrings and crazy scarves.

    • just checked out ur fotki and ur hair is beautiful you don’t even have to do much. I recommend you just let it do its thing. Personally I’m loving it!

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