My Vita Cocktail

If your body isn’t health then most likely neither is your hair. You may eatgood but sometimes your body does not absorb all the necessary nutrients. To ensure I have all the necessary nutrients for my body as well as a few others to promote hair growth. My Vitamin Cocktail is as follows:

  • 1 capsule of ReNew Life Adult Formula Probiotics (15 billion cultures) on an empty stomach

  • 1 tablet of Rainbow Light Women’s One Multi with my breakfast

  • 1 tablet of potassium 99mg (my multi has everything but potassium…kind of weird)
  • 1 capsule of fish oil 1000 mg
  • 2 tablets of Country Life Biotin 2000 mcg total



I am not a big fan of pills but having at least a good probiotic, mutli, and fish or flax oil (for omega 3s)  are essential to every person looking to live a long health live. I take 2 biotins to promote my hairs growth and strength. At one point I would take MSM but it caused me to breakout because I wasn’t drinking enough water at the time.

Do you have an allstar vita-cocktail? Feel free to share as well as what doesn’t work for your lifestyle. In the meantime keep those curls health!


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