A Lemonade Diet Recap…

Okay guys its day two off the cleanse…and the results are in. I lost between 11 and 13.4 lbs. I lost inches as well the most around my neck and waist which was the most noticeable. Besides the weight loss overall I feel really clean on the inside its hard to explain but its a good feeling.

It was a humbling and interesting experience. I don’t think I have ever missed more than a day without food so imediately I realized how blessed I have been. Well lets break it down day by day.

  • The Night Before: The Laxative Tea….it wasn’t as bad as I expected as far as taste. I’m real picky and was skeptical after not enjoying several detox teas before…
  • Day 1:The salt water flush this by far was the worst part or me. Its the sickest most vile thing I have ever tasted. Ok it wasn’t that bad I just mixed it wrong with 2 tbs instead of tsp which resulted in me throwing it right back up
  • Day 2: I was surprisingly not hungry although I had several daydreams about cooking, pizza, and hot wings. I had already lost 5lbs I was so excited and it motivated me to continue.
  • Day 3:Still not hungry but found myself going to the fridge out of habit. There were so many temptations around my house even some of the healthy options like cherries my mother had out.
  • Day4:I was in total shock that I made it so far and now it seemed like nothing. One girl at work at already stopped and we started at the same time. I also found some lemon and lime juice not from concentrate at Whole Foods which was a lifesaver because I was getting tired of squeezing lemons.
  • Day 5: So its Friday thank God I’m going on a retreat so I don’t have to worry about my friends tempted me but I did have to explain to the people at the retreat why I wasn’t eating and I did get some looks.
  • Day 6:I did the lax tea instead of the SWF since I had to share a room with someone but I think it was worse because my stomach was crampy and I felt nauseous. I also was getting annoyed with the taste of the lemonade. I found myself sleep a lot getting a nap whenever I could.
  • Day 7: I check my weight daily to see if their was a difference between the lemon juice and fresh squeezed lemon juice. Since I was on retreat I couldn’t check my weight until the morning but I did get a sneak peek and there where know differences.
  • Day 8: I switched to limeade. The lemons were starting to gross me out and by golly I think I like this wayyyy more. I also was at my lowest weight on the cleanse 13.4 lbs gone!
  • Day 9: I am already planning my meal I can’t wait to eat something. I also forgot to drink my tea the night before and notices  I gained 2lbs.  I was a bit worried but I fell asleep again forget my tea.
  • Day 10: I swear I thought this day would never come but I did it. I had the SWF down drinking it faster than ever and its actually not that bad when you mix it right. My weight stayed the same think God and now on to breaking the diet.
  • Day 1 off the cleanse: So now it on to orange juice all day. I still surprised I’m not hungry or falling for the temptations around me like the big pretzel my fam had at this concert in the park. Geeesh people are mean lol.
  • Day 2 off the cleanse: Well this is where I’m at now. OJ for breakfast and I bought a veggie soup from Treasure Island for lunch and dinner. It’s best to make it yourself but I have to get to work

This whole thing has been fun and I might do it twice a year. I think cleanse are necessary just for good health and ridding the body of toxins especially with the threat of swine flu this fall. I also started probiotics to get that good bacteria back in my body.

Stay tuned for the recipe and instructions but I have to get ready for work and post an updated on my hair.



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