Revive Your Curls

Revive Your Curls

So I had a relapse for most of the month of May after I got my hair flat ironed and trimmed. Then my mother got me a Chi turbo Flat iron for my b-day.

I knew I had a problem when I didn’t wash my hair to keep it perfectly straight sometimes flat ironing multiple times a day. I originally got it straighted for my school’s newscast I was anchoring when my teacher asked what I was going to do with my hair. Although I planned on getting it straightened because I was in need of a serious trim I was offended to think my natural hair was not appropriate for tv news…anyways I will have more on how I feel about tv and natural hair but back to curls…..

…I recently was starting to fall out of love with my HG (holy grail) Kinky Curly. After doing a ACV rinse I realized I probably had some build-up since I follow and condish only reggie….So if you have a favorite product and its not working like it used to wake your curls up with that good old ACV rinse. I do have a recipe below and it always works good for me.  Well hth guys and when you are tempted to give up. Experiment is what makes natural hair more fun!



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