I’m Backkkkkk!!!

So I have been on hiatus for a while but I’m back for good. I have so many updates from Kinky Curly finally hitting Whole Foods in Chicago to my relapse and finally falling back in love with my curls.

I also have so other updates not totally related to curls but health in general. I have been doing the master cleanse for 8 days now which in it self is a miracle.  One thing crucial for healthy and happy hair is overall good health and wellness.

Anyways look out for some great things to come including:

  • product and book reviews
  • the infamous acai berry
  • benefits of green tea, ACV, BSM (black strap molasses)
  • good vitamin supplements
  • my own hair styling experiments (which have worked successfully)
  • my PJ’ism
  • my henna and ayurvedic herbs
  • tutorials and video reviews
  • and of course tons of pics

A will be back later today to review my experiment of 7day hair…I’m on day 4 and will be rocking a flat twist n curl after 3 days of a wash and go which I haven’t had to wash or re-wet…..well stay tuned….



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