At Last….

At Last….

My love has returned….my Kinky Curly Knot Today is back and better than before. The have a new bottle but the recipe is still the same.

Like always and out of curiosity I decided to see if it could stand alone….. I did a little experimenting a tired it as a wash n go, a bantu knot-out Tnc combo,  and  with my Ampro gel for my donut bun……The wash and go was not all that my hair was all puffed up but when in doubt I cover it up…. So I put on my hair net for the day and once it dried I played around and realized I had a few options as far as styling goes… thing a realized in this journey is that just playing around and not getting discouraged will land in success. That’s the whole fun part of being natural the results are endless.







Unfortunately after three uses my supply almost depleted. I plan to stock up soon because I miss my other love the Curling Custard….

Oh and sorry for taking so long to post I didn’t want to be a nerd my whole spring break.




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