Curly Obsessions

Curly Obsessions

It all started with a picture I cut out from a Jet magazine of my favorite singer, Jill Scott while in high school. I kept the picture in my assignment book  as a reminder of how I want my hair upon entering college.


As years went on I finally had natural hair. Last October I set a goal to wear my hair in its natural state for as long as possible. This wasn’t the easiest thing since I would use my flat iron multiple times a day. Since then I have somewhat gotten obsessed with the curlies on TV, magazines, and even people on the street. I think its healthy to have hair idols. Personally I find it motivating yet secretly I plan to steal there styles because until recently I have been clueless in the hair styling department.

Each week I will try and post a “curly obession”. Whether I can snap a picture out on the street or from a celebrity I feel the need to give them a little praise and hopefully inspirie other naturals to embrace and love their hair.

My current curly obsession is obvisiously  Solange Knowles (that’s her in the header). Although I’m 99% sure its not all of her hair I still think its absolutely hot and want to achieve that thickness and length in the near future, hence this blog which I also intend to keep track of my hair’s growth.



I would love to know who your curly obsessions are so please share (lol that sounds kind of desperate). In the mean time I have a lot more to post so ttyl!





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